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We returned to Rock Oyster Festival this week, opening the Camel Inn Stage on both the Saturday and Sunday for the second year running
Each day's set featured a different selection of songs from the show we toured in Italy in July, with Sunday acting as the final performances for last year's Year 11 contingent. After our sets we spent some time enjoying the festival and eating the food which as usual for ROF was ace! 
There were lots of standout moments across the 2 days and it was a fitting end for our 11s. Thanks to Caroline and everyone at ROF for having us back and we hope to be back again next summer!

Saturday Set:

Back To Spring
Lost Cause
Need A Little Love
Bloodbath (Beans On Toast)

Sunday Set:

Rewind The Time
You And I
Need A Little Love
Black Hole
Love Is In The Nature

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