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It’s been an immensely busy and exciting last few weeks for Year 11's Angelina, who has been promoting her wildly popular and successful solo EP Always Will Be. With sales still climbing of the record in the run up to Christmas, we headed to Rewind Radio in Redruth to be special guests on the Big Drive Home with Kath and Aimee. It was lovely to chat live to Kath and Aimee, and they even gave the track Moving Along it’s first radio airplay during the show! Everyone at Rewind was so lovely, and a huge thank you to them for having us!

On January 4th we travelled up in monsoon conditions to BBC South West in Plymouth to appear on BBC Spotlight and Radio Devon with David White. Heading to the Spotlight shoot first, Angelina, accompanied by Ollie on guitar, set up in the iconic studio and rehearsed a gorgeous, stripped back version of Dreaming Of You. They ran through it several times whilst the crew worked on camera shots and edits, and captured an absolutely brilliant take of the song. The crew were all fantastic at making Angelina and Ollie feel comfortable and were blown away by the performance. Once the song was in the can the studio was quickly reset for the interview portion. Angelina and myself sat down with presenter Natalie Cornah and chatted about Angelina’s quarter of a million sales, her writing inspirations and what her plans for the future are. It was such a privilege to be be able to represent MBA, and Qube Records in our 10th year, on BBC One, and Angelina and Ollie both handled the spotlight (see what I did there?!) and pressure like absolute professionals. 

We had barely had time to say bye when we were whisked down to another studio to chat live on Radio Devon and Cornwall to David White on his afternoon show. David has covered Qube Records things multiple times over the years and it was really cool to catch up with him. Angelina again came across beautifully, chatting about her music like a true artist, and David played a new live version of Play Your Part too! After that it was back in the car for the long, and thankfully slightly less rainy, drive home.

As Spotlight went out on TV whilst we were travelling back we missed it, but arrived home to literally hundreds of messages and calls from people who had seen it. The BBC released a short Reel on social media which popped up everywhere and the ASONE Music Hub were heavily promoting Angelina across all their platforms! It was a massive, massive day for Angelina, her family and friends, and everyone at MBA which we will all remember forever. Qube Records is always striving to cross our amazing artists over into the real industry and one of our students getting such massive recognition for their work is proof that it works.

A huge, heartfelt thank you to everyone at the BBC, at Rewind Radio, ASONE Hub for their support and warmth and to everyone who has been and continues to listen to Angelina and the rest of the Qube Records music!

As always, for loads more keep your eyes pointed at and @quberecords on instagram. And, if you haven’t yet, make sure to find out what all the fuss is about by listening to Angelina’s EP Always Will Be wherever you stream your music!

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