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 OCTOBER 17TH/18TH 2019

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It's Mounts Bay Academy's annual 24 hour gig to support our music department and the amazing young people we get to work with every day.

Music in schools has been cut and shrunk nationwide for several years now, but at MBA we have managed to continue to expand and grow our offer. We are recognised internationally as one of 12 Music Futures Technology Champion Schools, we are the Challenge Partners Centre for Excellence and our in-house record label Qube Records has become world renowned, even receiving TV coverage from the BBC! We were voted the South West's Favourite Recording Studio by Music Expo UK in March and even went to Bath to perform at the awards ceremony! Last year we took 27 of our songwriters and musicians on a European Tour, with many of the students having never travelled abroad before. Next year 43% of Year 11 students will leave with a music qualification compared to the national average of just 0.6%!

We get no funding for any of this and manage to pull it off with a variety of fundraising activities and the support of the community. Our biggest fundraiser of the year is our annual 24 hour gig. 24 hours of continuous, uninterrupted live music performances from 120 students across all 5 years groups and our local primary schools. We kick off at 9:10 on Thursday 17th October and plough on through the night to finish on Friday morning! Between 7pm and 11pm is our public concert, when you can all come and see us cross the midway point and join in the fun, before we lock down for the overnight sessions, with 60 students and 5 members of staff staying on to play all night! All the students are sponsored for their participation, and this year we as staff are being sponsored too! 

The money we raise goes to a variety of elements within our department. Some of it goes to purchase and maintain the essential equipment, whether it's buying new drum sticks or getting our PA systems serviced. Some of it goes to support transport costs for getting our performers to and from gigs and taking them to watch inspirational shows from professional artists. Some of it goes towards supporting students with less financial means to access amazing opportunities such as touring and performing abroad, so that everyone has the same chances regardless of their background or circumstances. And some of it goes towards enabling students to access funded or partially funded instrumental and vocal tuition, again making sure that everyone who wants to make music, can! 

We are starting small and aiming to raise £100 per member of staff, but maybe we can do a bit better than that with your help! Thank you so much from the bottom of all of our hearts for any support you can give us, we do it because we love it and because we can all remember how the opportunities we had at school shaped our lives, and we want to be able to keep doing that for the young people we work with. We promise we make it go a long way!


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