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Hello Year 6s, and welcome to Qube Records! My name is Darren Roberts and I work in the music department at Mounts Bay. Lots of you will have met me before, but for those who haven't, welcome!

We love making original music at Mounts Bay, and as a little treat we have produced a special exclusive mini-album just for you guys, which you can listen to and download above. All the songs are written, recorded and performed by Mounts Bay students during lockdown in 2020, and who knows, maybe this time next year it will be your songs being sent out to the new intake! Even if you've never played an instrument in your life, if you would like to get involved we will get you in the thick of it. 

Below you will spot our new video which we made for you guys to give you a taster of some of the things you can get up to once your MBA journey begins in September.  If you have any questions about anything music related, you can email me on

Feel free to have a browse of the site and see what we're up to, and enjoy the music!

See you all soon


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